• Baja Pits Baja 500 2018 23 mayo, 2018
    *Share* Baja Pits will have 12 full service Pits for this years 50th anniversary Baja 500 . all of our pits are equipped with tools,welders, fluids etc etc. the bottom line is WE ARE READY TO PIT FOR YOU. for more info give Carlos a call at (619)921 8978. or follow us on Facebook Baja […]
  • Chase Trucks- Ideas, Must Haves, Photos 23 mayo, 2018
    Time for a new thread in the big forum with the most eyes. Since the loss of photo bucket recently, the old threads seem to have nothing but dead links. Lets post some photos of chase trucks, Good ideas, and tricks of the trade so to speak. Cruising the pits at the races you see […]
  • Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread 23 mayo, 2018
    I have been very inspired by bajabird's "Class 5 Only" thread!! here goes. There is no agenda here other than sharing race stories, car builds, pictures, videos, setup tips, engine comments, and general banter about the class. Since moving from Class-5U over to Class-12 this last year, I have noticed a little shortage of […]