• Rage at the River LIVE 7 diciembre, 2019
    We are proud to announce that we will be producing the live broadcast of the 2019 SNORE Rage at the River from Laughlin Nevada on December 13th, 14th, and 15th. Join us on the SNORE Facebook feed, at, and on the SkullRush Facebook feed.
  • 2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies? 7 diciembre, 2019
    They seem very close in capability and components. Both use purpose-built tube chassis, both use big V8s, aside from some cosmetic differences I guess it's the basic architecture of front engine / solid rear axle for the trucks, vs mid/rear engine and transaxle for the buggies. Why are the trucks consistently faster. If anything I […]
  • Class 1 where’s it going? 7 diciembre, 2019
    Another HMS/Jefferies racing class 1 baja 1k win. Congrats to Brendan Gaughan. Who is still building good 1 cars? We can all agree class 1 is much more affordable to race than tt. Where is this class headed?